Room Makeover: The Nursery


That's right we're expecting a new edition to the family! Baby is due to arrive in early summer. You may recognize the room as our old guest bedroom. The guest bed has since moved into the office to make room for baby. Here's a look at what we've done with the nursery!


Lucky for us, the room was already been painted blue and we are expecting a boy so we didn't have to paint! From there it was really just a matter of choosing the decor and color scheme. 


We decided to go with neutral grays and white for the furniture since we plan on using the furniture again for another little one in the future. For an accent color we opted for yellow since that's gender neutral as well. 


As far as the theme, I like to refer to it as "baby animals on safari". Think elephants, tigers, and zebras. My favorite part of the nursery are the adorable prints on the walls featuring baby animals holding balloons in their mouths. Obsessed! I purchased them off Etsy from this vendor.

Another favorite print is this Hakuna Matata one. What can I say, I'm a child of the 90's and grew up watching the Lion King on repeat. Plus, I felt like it really went with the baby safari theme. 

We had to get pretty creative with the artwork in the room because of all the dormer windows and slanted walls. But I think we definitely made it work!

The cats have also been pretty obsessed with the room (see below pictures) and it's hilarious. We try to keep the door closed so they aren't tempted to go in there but as soon as we open the door they race in from wherever they are. I've definitely caught them sleeping in the crib a few times too. 

Clearly, they know something is going on but haven't figured out they're getting a new family member very soon!

So what do you think of our nursery? We can't wait to meet our little boy and see him in here!